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Michelle Murtha, Esq. - Suffolk County Intellectual Property Lawyer

I’m a Suffolk County, New York lawyer with a personalized litigation, intellectual property, entertainment, privacy, filmmaking, music & photographers’ rights focus. I find creative, independent-minded solutions to the legal complexities that plague my creative clients.

Enforcing Rights & Minimizing Risks

I advise and represent content creators, owners and developers including filmmakers, photographers, musicians, authors, actors, music publishers, record companies, motion picture companies and producers, on protecting, leveraging and monetizing their creative properties. I also help content creators, licensees and owners assert and defend infringement claims alleging unauthorized reproduction, distribution and performance of their works.

More About Who I Am, and How I Can Help You.

I run a Boutique law firm, where personal service is done efficiently and cost-effectively. With the choice of hourly, fixed-rate, or alternative fee structures, our innovative arrangements lead to an overall lower cost to the client. Some matters, such as copyright infringement litigation or even certain defense cases, typically cost no out-of-pocket money to my clients, as I am able to recoup attorney's fees from the other party or often through a general liability insurance policy. If there's a way to make someone else pay so you don't have to, I'll find it.

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